Daily U.S. Demand Online Site - Full Accesscapability
Demand Online Web Site offers expanded export capabilities. Reports can be built and saved, allowing common searches and tasks to be performed easily. These reports are exportable to Excel on demand. Additionally, reports can be scheduled to run automatically and emailed to the user. This allows users to design their own custom reports and receive them automatically without interacting with the site. Multiple reports can be created, edited, and scheduled for delivery. This website features data from all 285 local locations supplied from all U.S. regional spot price influences. It includes locations supplied by nearly all major pipelines nationwide, as well as waterborne locations served by barge deliveries. This report shows the volume of gasoline and diesel fuel lifted out of wholesale storage for the 24-hour period ended at midnight. Data is compiled and the site is updated between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. eastern time, 7 days per week. Each location is geocoded and displayed on a U.S. map. Data points can be filtered by location, pipeline, or spot market. Users are able to fully export data and zoom in and out and hover over any point to display data for that location. The content of each location point includes a listing of available products, barrel quantities lifted, average posted product price, 30-day moving average volume, and percent of volume above or below the 30-day average for each individual location. While additional products such as jet fuel, ethanol, biodiesel, and crude oil may appear for a specific location, only gasoline and diesel fuel volumes are representative of total market volume. Site and enterprise redistribution rights reserved but available.